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Posted by Stephen Humphreys on Nov 14, 2021
''Rotary changes us and those we serve. I believe we can change the world one life at a time'' - Paul Harris
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Australian Rotary Health 40th Birthday & Hat Day Webinar

To celebrate Hat Day and the 40th Birthday of Australian Rotary Health, ARH is hosting an online webinar on World Mental Health Day (Sunday October 10) at 3pm (AST), joined by experts in youth mental health.
Special guests include Professor Michael Sawyer OAM, Dr Nicole Hill and Dr Lisa Mundy.
The event is free, however, a donation to Australian Rotary Health mental health research will be much appreciated. Please consider donating to the birthday fundraiser here.
Make sure you wear a hat to help Lift the Lid on Mental Illness!
Register (free) for the webinar here
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Club Changeover 2021

On Thursday 24th June Camden Rotary Club celebrated the many achievements and successes of  the past year and thanked outgoing President Chantelle Kechebashian and her Board for their leadership of our Club over the past 12 months. Incoming President Judith Humphreys presented her Board for 2021-2022, an exciting mix of experience and enthusiastic newer Club members. Our Club is looking forward to another great year in Rotary, making a difference as we ''Serve To Change Lives'' in our community.
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Yandelora School - Cortical Vision Impairment

Guest speaker at our Club on 3rd June was Ana Levar, a Vision Support Teacher for the Department of Education. Ana works at Yandelora School to support the teachers to meet the needs of students with significant vision impairment and intellectual disability. At Yandelora School Ana’s role is to build the capacity of staff to meet students’ needs in all of their aspects of school life. 

Ana has a special interest in a particular type of vision impairment called CVI, or Cortical Vision Impairment. This is a complex and poorly understood form of vision impairment, however is also the most common cause of vision impairment. 

Camden Rotary Club supported, through a Rotary District Grant and Club donations, the purchase of some amazing and unique teaching aids for students with CVI at Yandelora which Ana showed to Club members. Our Club members are pleased and proud to be able to make a difference in the lives and education of young people at Yandelora School.

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Graffiti Removal Day 2021

The Rotary Club of Camden with the support of Elizabeth Macarthur High School students, Airds High School students, Gregory Hills Next Gen Rotary Club, and community volunteers, on Sunday 28th March participated in Graffiti Removal Day. Making a difference in our community. #graffitiremovalday #GRD21
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U Turn the Wheel

U-Turn the Wheel is a program which educates young drivers on the challenges they face every day on our roads, including car care and safety, other road users, partying safely, the effects of brain injury, road rules, and the effects of drugs and alcohol. Camden Rotary Club is proud to be able to run this program in a number of our local schools.
We would like to thank our presenters:
Headway Brain Injury Support Services, Camden Automotive Repairs, Cawdor Haulage, Youth Solutions & NSW Police Force
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Australia Day 2021

Camden Rotary Club was very pleased to deliver lamingtons and coffee vouchers today to the staff at Camden Hospital in appreciation of the work they do each and every day in our community.
In celebration of Australia Day, Rotary Clubs from Greater Sydney to the Illawarra have handed out 20,000 lamingtons and coffee vouchers to frontline emergency services workers to thank them for supporting our community.
All lamingtons were purchased from local bakeries, coffee vouchers from local cafes, and printing and other stationery all done through local businesses.
The Australia Day Council provided $8 million in grants to local government and community organisations to help make sure Australia Day events could go ahead in a COVID safe way.
Macarthur Rotary Clubs delivered lamingtons & coffee vouchers to local hospitals, police, fire stations and other emergency workers.
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Golf Day Presentations

At our meeting last week we presented cheques to the 2 major recipients of the proceeds of our Charity Golf Day which was held in October to the Right Start Foundation and Shining Stars Foundation, both local charities doing great work in our community. 
The Right Start Foundation supports children with Down Syndrome and their families, and Shining Stars Foundation is an outreach service helping the homeless and those less fortunate in our community.
Camden Rotary Club is very proud to support 2 such worthy local charities.
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Club Presidents 2020 - 2022

Our Club Presidents,  Chantelle Kechebashian in 2020-2021, Judith Humphreys in 2021-2022, and Jo Perrin in 2022-2023.
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